The main purpose of green bitcoin is to help the environment, so we consider ourselves responsible for supporting people who have plans to help the environment, please do not hesitate to contact us if you have a plan to support the environment.

Distribution of tokens

The BitcoinGreen Contract will be minting a total of 21,000,000 BTCGR Tokens. The BitcoinGreen contract will be allocating the minted tokens as follow

10,000,000 For initial sale
1,500,000 allocated for prize pool.
2,100,000 Distributed on the BitcoinGreen team
6,000,000 reserve fund
1,000,000 donated to charities
400,000 animal welfare organizations
  • For initial sale 47/6%
  • reserve fund 28/5%
  • Distributed on the BitcoinGreen team 10%
  • allocated for prize pool 7/4%
  • donated to charities 4/7%
  • animal welfare organizations 1/9%